TEACHING STYLE: My classes will be ever-changing with whoever walks through the door. I will always read the room and see how people are feeling for that specific day. If everyone is high energy and feeling spunky you can expect an upbeat class with heat building postures. If there is a calming presence you can expect a slow flow and deep stretch with a long savasana.

INSPIRED BY: Everything from a seasonal vegetable to a new friend. 

FAVORITE POSE: So hard to choose a favorite! It would depend on the day but I always come back to runners lunge twists.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: What will I be cooking next?

FAVORITE QUOTE (of the moment): “Changing just one thing can change everything.”

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Eating seasonally and local, fresh flowers, morning pages and hugs, lots of hugs.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: Mountains for hiking, beach for relaxing!