TEACHING STYLE: My style is deeply rooted in Yogic philosophy and pranayama, set in a power flow style with a focus on activating stabilizing musculature to bring deeper integrity to each posture. Classes have a steady pace with longer holds and can include arm balances and inversions all set to an upbeat music selection.

INSPIRED BY: Mother Nature, community, and large amounts of coffee!

FAVORITE POSE: Inversions and arm balances. They require so much focus it’s difficult to get distracted!

A RECURRING THOUGHT: Is it too late for coffee? Is it too early for wine?

FAVORITE QUOTE: “When I Let go of what I am I Become what I might Be” -Lao Tzu

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Stewardship of this amazing blue-green planet we all call home & my family, fur babies included.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: From Tahoe to Breckenridge to Sandpoint- definitely Mountains!