WE Flow

An intuitive and dynamic vinyasa class where postures flow from one to another with the breath. This class is both playful and grounded with a focus on alignment and endurance. Each flow class includes core work, balancing poses, arm balances and optional inversions. Come for the work-out. Stay for the work-in. Infrared heaters warm the studio to 85º.

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Buti Yoga

Music guides this class like an internal GPS. Movement forces you out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY. Buti pairs dynamic asana with elements of shaking + vibration to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganization. Buti Yoga founder/creator, Bizzie Gold, will guide you through primal movement and cardio sprints as you break down emotional barriers and achieve self-love and human connection.

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WE Drip

Personal trainer and certified yoga instructor, Tara Wallace, leads you through a fun and fast-paced yoga-inspired workout. Come sweat with us! Infrared heaters warm the studio to 85º.

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WE Slow Flow

This slower-paced vinyasa class is perfect for the beginner and the experienced practitioner alike. In this class, you will move your body in a fluid and mindful way. With an emphasis on alignment and structural integrity, this 65-minute flow will not only give you a strong foundation in the primary yoga postures, but it will take you deeper into your practice in a safe and intentional way. Infrared heaters warm the studio to 85º.

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WE Sculpt

WE Sculpt is an energetic and upbeat class that incorporates hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts. The combination of vinyasa flow and cardio will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. The class is designed to target and tone all the major muscle groups. Suitable for students of all levels. Infrared heaters warm the studio to 85º.

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WE Yin

WE Yin is a slow-paced, meditative yoga practice where the poses are held for a long period of time to target the connective tissues rather than focusing on the muscles. In this class, the asanas are more passive holds, with little muscular engagement. Infrared heaters warm the studio to 85º.

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