TEACHING STYLE: First and foremost, I believe the student knows what is best for themselves in the moment and what I aim to do is hold a container for whatever their experience is. I like providing opportunities to sharpen the connection between mind and body and understand subtle anatomy and physiology within movements. I focus on the breath as a way to deepen our awareness and alignment in the poses, and our ability to regulate our nervous system. We can build awareness, strength, and flexibility through intuitive movement and exploring the ranges of our bodies. Sometimes that means slow flowing, feeling into the dynamic existence of stillness, or dancing and spontaneously expressing whatever arises. I use music as a powerful connector to oneself and invite curiosity, kindness, and resilience.

INSPIRED BY: Gentleness towards our bodies. I spent most of my life asking for my body to perform or push through for me, whether through athletics, emotions, or whatever the life situation. I took my yoga teacher training through WE while recovering from a sports injury which highlighted the infinite learning that comes through patience, awareness, and slowing our bodies down to listen. I am also inspired by nature in its many forms, the chaos and the order. I’ve spent the last several years guiding outdoor trips and working in wilderness therapy.

FAVORITE POSE: Really it changes depending on the needs of my body and how I’ve been holding it throughout the day or night. A good ol’ downward dog almost always hits something I need to feel into though.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: Am I navigating this with love or fear? How can I make the most out of my time here on this Earth?

FAVORITE QUOTE (of the moment): “Live with your hands and your mind will bow like a root.”

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Time in nature. Time for expression whether through moving or creativity. And staying curious.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: I am often drawn to being by the water. But making my way up to an alpine lake deep in the mountains has got to be my favorite!