TEACHING STYLE: I focus on alignment for safety, breath for soothing the nervous system, strengthening postures to build stability, balance postures to build focus, enough talking to hopefully help you learn, and silence, allowing you to listen.

INSPIRED BY: Service, and the way dogs learn to love and trust again after trauma.

FAVORITE POSE: Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III) – It’s rare to find a pose where the heart is open while the body is folding forward, which also means the heart is protected. I’m flying while bowing, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: How can I contribute?

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.” – Mary Oliver

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Healthy relationships.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: Mountains that kneel down into the beach.