TEACHING STYLE: As a dancer, ceremonialist, and coach, I bring an inspired and energetic essence to yoga through dynamic movement and breath. By weaving together empathy for self and connection to others, we create space for shared healing. My class teaches freedom for body and soul, starting within and extending outward until it overflows from the heart like sweet water.

INSPIRED BY: Music, Art, Dance, Poetry, Travel, Belly Laughs. 

FAVORITE POSE: Savasana… it’s the one I’m best at 😉

A RECURRING THOUGHT: I wonder if I can play that on my ukulele?

FAVORITE QUOTE: “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times” – Nina Simone

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Being near water. I’m very connected to the land and the water.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: Hugged on all sides by both! I grew up in Seattle, where we were fortunate to have mountains and beaches simultaneously.