TEACHING STYLE: My classes are musically infused, lighthearted, playful, and challenging! You will explore arm balances and inversions, which will invert the body, mind, and spirit- shifting your perspectives. Through the pairing of movement and breathe you will leave my classes feeling strong, energized, grounded, and renewed!

INSPIRED BY: Traveling to new places.

FAVORITE POSE: I love any and all inversions. They teach us to put our head below our heart.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: How can I continue to learn and grow?

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Everything is unfolding as it should be. Accept and relax into what is, and you will illuminate the path before you.”

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Honesty and authenticity in relationships.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: I am a Sandpoint native so I’ve been spoiled with BOTH.