TEACHING STYLE: I take the student’s mind and body on a journey driven by alignment and visualization in order to preserve and improve the integrity of their physical body. I love a long savasana, making room for introspection and restoration, so students can step off the mat feeling renewed and enhanced.

INSPIRED BY: Acts of kindness, the beauty in nature and summiting mountains around the world.

FAVORITE POSE: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana; opens every single chakra- it’s absolutely limitless.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: “I am so grateful for the life I get to live.”
It’s a thought that’s brought me to tears of joy in many situations, in many places, throughout the years.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Be silent and you’ll hear God.
It’s an amazing way of describing what happens when we just observe without judgment, without attachment, without interpretation. When we pay attention to us just being, we can hear our soul, God, telling us who we really are.

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: Acting according to my values; not betraying myself.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: As a rock-climber, mountaineer, and surfer…I’ll have to say both!