TEACHING STYLE: Every class is different. Each time I step in the room I try to read the energy of who is present and curate an experience that will support who is present. At times my classes are high energy and full of movement and others we pause in the stillness and sit with the arising. No matter what, creating a safe container for your self-expression is my top priority.

INSPIRED BY: God. Nature. Beauty. Community.

FAVORITE POSE: Finding the stillness in Child’s Pose is always so nourishing for my system.

A RECURRING THOUGHT: How does it get better than this?

FAVORITE QUOTE (of the moment): “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth” – Henry David Thoreau

A NON-NEGOTIABLE: My morning routine and time with myself in nature each day.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH: This is why I moved to Sandpoint – it gets to be both! If I had to choose, getting lost among the trees is one of my favorite things.