Brahmacharya- Moderation of the Senses


Every month, WE highlights a specific virtue from the yogic code of ethics, as outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra, the most widely regarded text on yoga.  The fourth virtue in this 10-part blog series, and the theme for April at WE, is Brahmacharya- Moderation of the Senses.

“When the mind is freed from domination by the senses, sensory pleasures are replaced by inner joy.” – Rolf Sovik

Yoga is a practice of awareness. Are you aware of the things which steal your energy?  Are you aware of the things that clutter your mind?  On the flip side, are you aware of the supreme intelligence in all things?  Are you aware of the things that bring you deep and lasting satisfaction?  Cultivating this awareness and properly harnessing your life force energy is the practice of Brahmacharya. The fourth of the yamas, Brahmacharya means to “walk in God consciousness.”  The term is sometimes identified with celibacy but it is more broadly interpreted to mean the preservation of vital life force energy through moderation of the senses.  This “middle path” leads to clarity, mindfulness and a sense of respect for oneself and others.


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