Kendall WIshnick Adams

My name is Kendall WIshnick Adams. I have lived in Sandpoint for 20 years. I have been a proclaimed artist since I was 14 years old. Originally from New York City, my passion for painting brought me to the West Coast to attend Art School at The California College of the Arts in The Bay Area. I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting, and I have been painting ever since. I did however take an 8 year break while my children were small. During those 8 years, I became a Plant Specialist, Herbalist, and Perfumer. I immersed myself in the study of plants because art was seemingly gone without a space to paint and two wild boys running around!

Eventually, my kids grew up and I built an art studio on my property! I started to feel like myself again. Because it had been so long, I chose a subject matter I knew, nature and plants. My past art career focused on human form, so this was a new subject matter for me. I started painting my travels and the plants I studied and worked with. I love bright colors, strong brush strokes, and a painterly style. I am inspired by the Abstract Expressionists painters and loose representations of subjects and bold colorful marks.

My paintings represent my life, where I have been, what I love, and what inspires me. WE Yoga has been a life saver to me these past two years. My yoga journey began about the same time I started getting back into painting. I started coming to WE after the quarantine and the beauty of the studio and the people who belong there made me feel so peaceful and at ease. This is why I wanted to show my art at WE specifically. I took their Yoga teacher training and was gifted a deeper knowledge of this ancient practice of Yoga, but also a community of beautiful friends I really needed. I feel so fortunate to have the community of WE in my life. I hope you all enjoy my current collection of pieces inspired by my travels and the plants I loved there.

Check out Kendall's art throughout the summer at WE Yoga!