Bellydance Workshop

with Ashley Lopez

Friday, May 21

5:30 – 7:00pm

Open to all levels, including absolute beginners! This ancient, feminine form of dance has been celebrated throughout the ages and applied to everything from family celebrations to fertility and preparation for childbirth, to fully costumed stage productions as live entertainment. In this workshop, join instructor Ashley López and learn some of the basic movements of bellydance: hip work, shoulder and ribcage isolations, belly rolls, shimmies, arm shapes and foot patterns. Class will begin with a thorough full-body warmup and workout on the yoga mat, followed by body isolation drills and dance steps broken down to suit all levels of experience. At the end of class, movements will be combined together to create fun, easy-to-follow dance combos and performed to beautiful music.
Ashley López has been performing and teaching fusion bellydance since 2005. She has toured through over 25 countries worldwide and runs her own teacher training program, Integrated Dance, accredited through the American Council on Exercise. An artist who loves to combine multiple modalities, Ashley is passionate about honoring the roots and of bellydance while exploring the fusion of other modern dance styles, acrobatics and contortion together to create a truly unique expression of art.
Cost: $20
This class will be limited to 15 people. Sign up early to reserve your mat space.

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