Hi Jamie! Thanks for talking with us about Heart Bowls! Heart Bowls is such a great name- to start things off, will you tell us how you came up with it?

Katie and I both value playing outside (trail running, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.) and we work hard too! Our days are usually full of doing things we love. We also value eating healthy food to fuel our passions and our bodies. In order to do the things we love and eat food that is healthy and affordable, we were both making creative bowls of food at home. Sometimes that was a smoothie poured over oatmeal, or a bowl of potatoes with leftover veggies, hummus and seeds. When Katie and I were out running, talking about how to bring this type of food to Sandpoint, I remembered that my husband, Mark, always called these meals “heart bowls”. Katie and I both instantly loved the name and we feel like it captures what we’re doing; putting love into food, and food into bowls!

Anyone who has taken a yoga class with you would know that you put a lot of love into your yoga practice, too. So what's your motivation behind Heart Bowls - what's your "why" that's driving you and Katie to venture out into starting your own business?

We want to help people feel better, happier and live better. We know that the way most Americans eat is causing them harm. So we are on a mission to change the way people eat. We want to show people how delicious and easy healthy food can be, and we want to help them eat better daily. We both love eating plant-based foods, smoothies and wholesome treats that fuel our bodies, and we are so passionate and excited to share that with Sandpoint.

What's one of your favorite Heart Bowls creations?

Smoothie Bowls are at the top of our favorites list, however every item that we have on our menu is our favorite! A smoothie bowl is a snack or meal made with a thick and creamy fruit smoothie topped with granola, fruit, nuts and seeds. It’s served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon! We also love our banana n’ice cream bowls, which is a healthier and kinder way to enjoy ice cream. Banana n’ice cream is made by blending frozen bananas into a creamy soft serve consistency. Then we add your favorite flavor, like cocoa/berries/peanut butter, and finish with fun toppings!

Have you ever done anything like this before?

No! Katie and I both have extensive experience in food service, we have both managed teams in different industries, Katie has been baking professionally for years now, and I also have a background in team building and leadership. Neither one of us has opened a business before (apart from Katie’s baking) and neither one of us went to business school. With our combined experience, reaching out to mentors and the Sandpoint Small Business Center, reading all the business books we can, and listening to A LOT of podcasts, we are finding our way!

When you think about opening, what are you most excited about - and most anxious about?

We are excited about seeing the change that is going to occur in our community as a result of our food. We cannot wait to get people off junk food and on board with the smoothie bowl craze! We are excited to see everyone enjoy food that is naturally sweetened and full of nutrients. We are probably most anxious about the unknown, like how many people will show up at 8am on a Saturday! How to be prepared for that, how to staff correctly, how to do all the things at just the right time.

Speaking of people showing up...when do you expect to open - and where can we find you?

We plan to open early to mid July. Heart Bowls will be located at 102. S. Boyer Ave, at the corner of Boyer and Pine, parked right next door to our friend Brandon's new business, The Longshot. The Longshot will be serving natural wine, coffee, and tea from Understory Cafe, paninis and toast.

Can you give us a sneak peak of what's going to be on the menu?

In the opening weeks we will likely offer a limited menu and then expand. We will be offering smoothie bowls, smoothies, mylkshakes (dairy-free), n’ice cream bowls (bananas blended into a thick, ice-cream like texture), and gluten-free/vegan baked goods.

Last question- How is healthy food and yoga connected?

Yoga simply means union. We know that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. We experience that in the yoga practice through asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. These three elements of being affect one another, negatively and/or positively. Moving the body and eating healthy food helps create greater health in the mind and spirit as well. Yoga is also about service. When we feel good, we want to pass on the goodness to others. That’s what Katie and I are all about; creating goodness, passing it on, and hoping the ripples continue to flow outward!

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