How Teacher Training Changed My Life

How did your yoga journey begin?

I have always moved by body and was an avid runner. One day I walked into a club yoga class. I did that for a couple of years until a friend opened a studio in Spokane and I checked that out. Eventually, I started trying other studios and found my place with vinyasa flow; which is where I met Kelly. I have been consistently building my practice ever since.

How has yoga changed you off the mat?

The physical and mental strength I have gained moves me gracefully throughout my practice and my day-to-day life. Slow down, breathe and smile. Gratitude!

What was something about the experience that was unexpected?

I wanted to grow in my own practice and always wondered if I could lead a class. Throughout the years I would experiment with family and friends. When the opportunity at WE presented itself last year, I jumped at it!

How has your personal practice changed since completing teacher training?

With a deeper understanding of breath, sequencing, and the roots of yoga, my practice is at a new level. I have so much more to learn on my yoga journey and I am so excited to soak it all up.

What is one of the most rewarding parts about teaching?

I love sharing my passion for yoga and watching the growth in practitioners. Leading all the beautiful bodies in and out of poses like a creative dance is incredibly fulfilling. I also love the strong sense of community. And of course the high after class! Truly blessed.

What has been challenging for you about teaching?

I do get nervous before class. I want everyone to love my practice. So I guess that angst is probably the hardest part; although I love the challenge of planning a strong class.

What are you passionate about in yoga right now?

Right now I am really working on my breath and movement and the power they are together. So much to learn!

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about doing teacher training?

If you are on the fence, that means you are thinking about it. Go for it. It will change your practice and your life!

Like Tina, you can become a certified yoga instructor when you participate in WE Yoga's 200-hour training.
6 weekends: Friday-Sunday, beginning September 24 - December 3 at the studio in downtown Sandpoint.
Learn more on the homepage of our website.

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