This Fall, Christine is leading WE Align, a 6-part Fundamentals Workshop Series.
The series is perfect for new students and those wishing to perfect their alignment.

$60 series prepay or $15 drop-in.
$50 for Founding 40 and Bliss members.

Sundays 1-3pm


September 22

Foundational components of a basic sun salutation, including:
Downward-facing dog pose
Caturanga dandasana
Upward-facing dog pose
Plus, modifications, variations, and how to work with wrist sensitivities

October 6

Warrior Poses, including:
Warrior I
Warrior II
Warrior III
Plus, side angle pose and triangle

October 20

Standing balancing poses, including:
Half moon
Extended hand to foot
Standing figure four

November 3

Twists, including:
Seated twist
Supine twists
Revolved crescent
Revolved half moon
Revolved triangle
Revolved chair

November 17

Hips + Hamstrings, including:
Wide-legged forward fold
Intense side stretch of the west
King Arthur's pose
Cow face pose

December 1

Breathwork + Meditation, including:
Ujjayi- victorious breath
Alternate nostril breathing
Skull shining
Guided savasana

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