Nick's story is unique. He walked into the studio one day, having never practiced yoga before, and signed up for a Bliss (unlimited) pass. His first experience is not one he's soon to forget...
Hi Nick! Please tell us about your first class.

It was definitely a memorable experience! I showed up in jeans, without any water, without a mat, and bought a Bliss pass- commitment has never been an issue for me, so I just went for it! I guzzled three glasses of water immediately after class and, well…let’s just say I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of kind-hearted women who were very understanding when I couldn’t keep the water down. Lessons learned: Never do yoga in jeans and drink water slowly.

What led you to yoga in the first place?

My work-life balance was completely dominated by work and I needed to make a change. A friend recommended yoga as a possible solution for this and told me WE Yoga was the place to go!

Has yoga met your expectations?

Practicing yoga is not what I expected. I had an image of human pretzels in my mind, which, as it turns out, is not what yoga is about. I had heard yoga was a great way to relax and find peace, but I had doubts about my ability to relax and “sink into the practice.” Happily, I’ve found a peace that exists the moment I step into the space; and I'm getting better with every class about breathing my way through things.

You've taken over 80 classes since you signed up in May. What sort of change have you experienced physically, emotionally, spiritually?

Physically, I'm stronger, more flexible, more energetic, balance is improving, and I’m gaining confidence in my physical body. Emotionally, not really sure. I might be able to better answer this when the excitement from doing something new and different shifts into the energy of doing something that has become routine. Spiritually, not really sure there either. My personal philosophy has been very simple. If you see someone that needs help, offer to help them. Own your actions. Be honest with everyone- yourself most of all. Can you look yourself in the mirror and accept what you see and more importantly love what you see? I'm still working on the love part.

You have a high stress job as a Manager at Walmart. How has Yoga carried over into your work life?

I can tell you that my boss says I have been much more aware of my ability to impact the people around me and he appreciates my focus on a positive business attitude. I think yoga is helping me be a better leader and guide to my team and peers.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, it's so great having you at the studio, Nick!

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