Hi Sara. I can't tell you how excited we are to have your beautiful art on the walls of WE! Will you please tell us the story of how these paintings came into being and what inspired the collection?

The process of renovating our old/new home left me in a creative windfall with a few large and empty walls. Particularly, over my bed. I decided to take the journey to create the large, fluid, modern piece of art that I had envisioned. This is how Turbulence came to be. I had so much fun; it took on a life of its own! Having three small children and being at home full-time has offered a peaceful and cathartic break from my everyday life. My kids' wild energy is also hugely inspiring! They are often in the studio with me.

You’ve been practicing at WE since day one; how does practicing yoga influence your art? Or...in what ways does art influence your yoga practice?

I think yoga is art, the way each of us practice and interprets the movement and poses. Yoga brings me a sense of calm and peace, which carries into the rest of my day / life. Being in a good place physically and mentally has offered me the capacity to create art.

Can you describe your journey with art for us?

Well...I love art. I love to look at it, I love to make it. It started at age 15, after a teacher inspired and set me free to make art. I have had waves of inspiration throughout my life with watercolor and acrylic. I have been told by some teachers to "slow down." What I love about fluid art, is that you don't have to slow down, it is messy and impulsive! These attributes counter-balance some of my personal traits.

Where do you see your art going in the future?

I love making art, and hope to continue riding this wave! As the pieces sell, I plan to replace them with a new version (or something brand new!). I also do commission work 🙂

Last question...Which piece is your favorite?

Tough. I think Turbulence. It was over my bed for 6 months, and I have grown a bit attached. I also love Solstice and Fault Line!

Thank you for sharing your art and story with us 🙂

Come see "Turbulence" and the rest of Sara's collection at the studio.
Art Show Opening
Friday, December 6
5:00 - 7:00pm

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